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Pros of Tyvek Envelopes to Courier Companies and Their Customers

The things that you mail or ship for your customers will not be tampered with if you package them thoroughly before you ship or mail them. Trust Tyvek envelopes when packaging the parcels for mailing or shipping parcels for they are quality packages. These are the benefits of Tyvek envelopes to shipping companies who will buy them from online vendors and to their customers who will use them.

The envelopes are resistant to moisture hence they offer maximum protection to items that get damaged by water and also allow you to ship items in foggy and misty weather. Customers will also not be delayed from receiving their orders on time by bad weather.

The tear and burst resilient nature of Tyvek envelopes thus they are more trusted by customers. The envelopes enhance the privacy of the customers because their seals are challenging to break hence malicious employees will be discouraged from tampering with the envelopes. When employees have to repackage parcels repeatedly because the packages tear easily, time is wasted hence save time by using Tyvek envelopes for they are resistance to tear.

You will incur fewer costs to store Tyvek envelopes than boxes because they are smaller than boxes, but they expand thus they have a large capacity. They are also light in weight hence they will not be a challenge moving them, and you will pay fewer postage costs when placing orders unlike when heavy packaging materials are shipped to you. The customers will also pay fewer postage costs when they use these lightweight envelopes which an attractive idea to most customers.

They have the professional appearance they companies want for official parcels. Color graphics can be added to them for decoration or brand identification. Use graphics of these envelopes for advertising your brand.

You will not be inconvenienced because deliveries are made to the site of your choice. Your order will be delivered without charges to one location within the US continental boundaries via freight shipping. Expedited delivery service is available at an extra cost because the order is shipped by air. Rural road or out of town highway access locations are an example of locations that may charge extra costs for delivery for they are considered limited access deliveries. Whether you have a dock or not, let the vendor know since lifting orders to a specific floor is considered inside delivery, residential delivery and lift gate delivery and you will be charged for those services.

Returns are accepted except for the custom orders which cannot be canceled or returned, and a restocking fee is charged on returned orders. The restocking fee is charged to discourage buyers who return orders delivered to them without any reasonable excuse. You will not pay the restocking fee if you place a replacement order for the order that you have returned. You will get a refund after the returned order is reviewed.

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